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Our ​Gourmet Menu

crispy Toast

Crispy and fresh Toast with fillings;
Kashar(Cheese), Sausage, Kavurma(Aged Beef), or Sucuk(pepperoni).

Wet Burger

A Home-made Turkish Beef Burger Seasoned with a variety of Spices & bit of Garlic. In a Crispy bread seasoned(made wet) with a special sauces. Also, come with optional Sauces; Creamy Kashar Cheese or 
Ye-Mayo(secret sauce).

SIMIT & Pogaca

Crispy and fresh Simit & Pogaca Seasoned with Sesame or Sunflower seed.
Pogaca filled with; Kashar(Cheese), Potatoes, Dill/White Cheese, or Plain.


A fresh natural yogurt(milk) based salty drink with flavors;
Limon, Lime or Plain.


The Gourmatic Features

Traditional Gourmet taste

Prepares for you the traditional Turkish Gourmet food and Ayran drink ONGO; fresh and with a classic home-made taste

Traditional healthy drink

Uses the Turkish traditional methods in an innovative way to prepare a Turkish Ayran form of yogurt, a fresh and cold 

Organic  products

unbleached organic wheat flour, whole rye flour, water, sea salt, yeast, fresh meat and traditional Turkish organic home-made cheese and yogurt


Toasts, burgers, simits and pogacas are cooked in 60-90 seconds and delivered within 2 minutes by the Gourmatic vending machine


All foods aand drinks are prepared without human touch and the first contact is made by the customers


Products are labeled with brand, weight, and expiry dates for transparency


Food and drink are made using products approved by experts and society to ensure quality and taste

Healthy, kosher & halal

Kosher and Halal meat and milk products suitable for public health are used in Gourmatic's offerings.


Food and drink are made with quality and delicious products, cooked at appropriate temperatures and times determined by experts

Read what our Tester customers say

"I absolutely love the convenience of this vending machine! As someone who works long hours, I don't always have time to grab a proper meal. But with this machine, I can get a delicious Turkish gourmet toast or wet burger in just a few seconds. And the Ayran is the perfect refreshing drink to go with it. I highly recommend it!"

John Mauldin

"As a lover of Turkish cuisine, I was thrilled to discover this vending machine. The simit and pogaca are just like the ones I used to have back home, and the Turkish gourmet toast is unlike anything I've tasted before - it's so flavorful and filling. The fact that I can get all of these delicious items from a vending machine is just amazing."

Catherine Cohen 

"I was skeptical about trying food from a vending machine, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food here. The wet burger was juicy and flavorful, and the simit was freshly baked and had the perfect amount of sesame seeds. The machine also offers a variety of dipping sauces for the gourmet toast, which was a nice touch."

Tariq Alkebu

"This vending machine will be a lifesaver for me during my morning rush. I can grab a hot Turkish gourmet toast and a cold Ayran on my way to work, and it's will be the perfect breakfast to start my day. It's also great to know that the machine is always well-stocked and the food is fresh."

Aysha Al-Azmee

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